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Yolanda and Michael Wedding at Pelazzio

Go Rockets, one of my favorite basketball team in the 90’s. Yolanda’s wedding was located in beautiful location called Pelazzio. The night of Yolanda’s and Michael’s wedding, however, we hardly missed the sunlight at all. “Sultry Latin nights” was the mood of the event, and of course, we have some spectacular pictures to show for it!

We spent much of the day in Galveston, Texas chasing the sun during Yolanda’s and Michael’s engagement shoot on Labor Day weekend. The sun beat us to the beach, but we made use of the remaining light to create the color-rich tropical shots seen below near the seawall.


Delaney Vineyard

Here we are at Delaney Vineyard somewhere in Dallas enjoying the scenes from the grape festival on August 21, 2010. As you can see, the pictures grew more colorful the messier it got.