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Dallas Engagement Session with Sara and Chris

Sara and Chris met in pre-school and grew up together in a small town in Iowa. They have been good friends while high school and college. It was not until a family wedding in Iowa that they decided to met up. Chris was in Minneapolis MN at the time working for an accounting firm and was on his way to a friends wedding that we were able to hang out at Sara’s parents house with a bon fire. It was that night that we both asked each other why we hadn’t ever tried dating, and Chris confessed to having a crush on Sara since 5th grade but it was never the ‘right’ time. That was August 2010, Sara and Chris were able to see each other 3 more times before he was able to transfer and move to Dallas Thanksgiving 2010.

They got engaged while back in Iowa for the 4th of July. Sara and Chris were driving on their way to my grandparents lake house when Chris started acting like the car had a flat tire. He pulled over into a corn field and asked Sara to help him. Sara have never changed a tire let alone know anything about changing a tire but got out of the car provide moral support. Chris was at the back of the car with the trunk popped. When Sara got to the back of the car, he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring. Chris can’t recall what he asked but Sara was pretty sure he asked if I wanted to be his wife. Sara and Chris’s wedding is set for June 29th, 2013 in Iowa.

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