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Marina and James Hotel Intercontential Wedding

Gorgeous Russian American Wedding with Jewish traditions. The Ceremony took place at the Hotel Intercontinental in Dallas, Texas under a wedding canopy (chuppah) with ring exchange (Betrothal) and groom breaking of the glass. The signing of the ketuba (marriage contract) signed by two witnesses made the wedding official.

Wedding photographs shouldn’t just be beautiful — they should tell the story of your wedding day. We start the day with images of the Bride and Groom seeing each other for the first time — “first look”.  I get mixed responses when I ask the bride if they wanted to do the “first look”. Some brides are very traditional and want to reserve that moment for the ceremony. I respect that.

However, I highly recommend doing it and there are many benefits of having the “first look”:

1. Saves on time so the guests are not waiting at the reception. Bride and Groom gets to a chance to relax and enjoy your cocktail hour because the pictures were taken earlier.

2. Allow the photographer more time to be creative with the photograph instead of rushing the group formals in order to proceed to the reception.

3. The emotions and anxiety when the moment takes place on stage comes back when you walk down the aisle. Having the “first look” doesn’t take ANYTHING away from that moment.

4. Typically after the “first look”, we do bridal party pictures and/or group formals. This is great for wedding with a tight time-line.

5. There are lots of emotion on the wedding day. Many is due to not seeing each other, the best-man, maid of honor, etc.  With the opportunity to see each other and spend ten minutes with each other before the wedding, embracing each other privately,  being able to look into each other eyes and tell the other person how much you love them, followed by a romantic kiss, is a very special moment. Moments like this should not be forgotten.

6. Some groom opt to be blind folded. This is a great way to keep the traditional surprise.

After the ceremony, the couple walks under a boutique of flowers into the dance floor to bless the challah bread followed by bride and groom dance.

As a tradition, called Betrothal, the bride and groom are sited in chairs and lifted up as the guest dance around them.

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