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Capturing Butterflies Pictures

This year started out really busy with little time for pleasure. With a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I took the family out to see the butterflies in the garden at Fort Worth.



All the butterflies were housed inside the botanical garden. Butterflies are usually active in late morning to early afternoon when they are looking for food.


One of the best way to photograph butterflies is to be patience and keep an eye out for your favorite ones. What goes up must come down.



The lighting inside can be a little dark. I recommend using your flash to add some fill light. This will lighten any shadows caused by natural lighting. If you don’t have an external flash, wait until the butterfly is frontlit by the sun to ensure you have the best lighting condition, awesome contrast, and great sharpness. Experiment with some (UV) filters to make the image ‘POP’ like the images I captured.


The butterflies were very active when we visited. They were flying all over the place with many photo opportunities. Try using a fast shutter speed to freeze the action.

All the images captured using my Canon 40D at F8 @1/100 with ISO 200. Flash setting was set to TTL (either at FEC zero or -1/2).

Have fun and share some of your photo!!

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