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Tips For a Great Bridal Session

The bridal session is one of my favorite part of the whole wedding process and the bridal shoot is where you get to know the photographer and the photographer gets to know you.  Below are some of our recommendations:

Rings: Don’t forget to bring the engagement ring to the session.

Flowers: Don’t forget to order your bride bouquet.  Some florists will offer a free bridal bouquet (with a wedding package) for your pre-shoot or bridal session prior to you wedding. Special arrangement can be made with the photographer if you are not able to bring one to the session.

Hair and Makeup:  Having professional hair and makeup done for the bridal session is highly recommended. The bridal session is also a good time to ‘practice” with your hair stylist and makeup artist that you like before the big wedding day. Hire someone you trust & be sure to do a test run prior to your wedding or photography session to be sure you are both on the same page.

Communication: Let the photographer know what you like and don’t like. Every bride is unique & likes different things.  Some brides prefer more of a traditional posed while other prefer candid natural poses. If you like the fashion poses found in magazines, talk to the photographer able it.

Bring a guest: I often recommend my brides is to bring a friend or a family member along to the session.  This helps the bride to be more relaxed  and have fun during the shoot.  The guest can assist the bride with her dress, help retouch her hair or makeup, give her water as needed, or adjust the hair, etc.

Shoes: Bring two pairs of shoes: one pair of wedding day shoe and a pair of shoe that can be slip on/off with ease (like sandals).

Change of clothes: After the bridal session is over, you will need to change into normal clothes so the wedding dress does not get torn and/or more dirty.

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