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Tools of the Trade

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Conveying Emotion Through Pictures

Learning to see and look for the moment

Capturing the moment does not mean you have to take a lot of pictures. First, know your equipment until it becomes second nature. Know when your camera clicks, flash fires, and proper exposure is produced. Look for lighting, framing, shadows, reflections, depth, and expressions. If you don’t have two of these elements then most likely you will not keep these images.

Before I start clicking, I observe my surrounding. I look for the best available lighting and dial in the exposure setting. Then I wait for the perfect moment and click away. Keep in mind that this does not work for every situation.  There will be time when a moment is taking place and you have to act quickly to capture it.  This is where the beauty of automatic mode come into play. I quickly switch over to either Aperture or Shutter priority and take the picture.

Below are some images that I captured during Allison’s Birthday party using this technique.
Learn to quickly anticipate and zero in on the person’s expression.



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